The Secret Never Revealed About A Coma: A True Life Experience

The Secret Never Revealed About A Coma: A True Life Experience


This story was inspired by a True life experience. This is a true story of perseverance and trust in others above every limit, death, rebirth, faith and success: the triumph of love in a sweet and bitter life while in pursuit of happiness. 


“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to tell you about my personal experience before, during and after my experience in coma that occurred during a road accident in March 2002. The experience left a mark in me and what I learnt had a very positive impact in my life from all points of view.”

“I had the opportunity to discover many things that cannot be taught nor heard from any teacher around the world and what I learnt in one second made more sense than what I had been learning all my life. Anybody who has never been there may find it hard to believe but we all know the truth hurts, but it obviously sets you free.”

“Whatever I saw in there made sense and there was nothing more fascinating. I thought I had learnt enough before the accident but learning is never enough and we will definitively never stop learning.”

“I discovered the truth about myself during the journey through death, and obviously, words will never be enough to give you a true picture of it. There is no adequate language to explain my story, there are no words that can significantly convey my experience into your mind. However, what is more important is not the story that changed my life but your story.”

“I decided to write because I have something to share that could be useful to you, no matter of you are a child and the elderly person. Every new story enriches our minds and permits us to give ourselves an opportunity to improve in our own lives from many points of view, but this depends on each individual’s mind, on our culture and on the interpretations of every individual reader.”

“It’s still amazing when I imagine that I decided to write a book because there was no other way I could free myself from this responsibility. I never thought I would ever write a book. In fact, I have never been interested in reading a book nor writing any, except for studies. In fact, I have not read more than three books in my life but I really had to make an exception this time because it would be sad if I died again without letting you know the beautiful truth about you, that could definitively help you grow wiser, stronger and happier.”

“The secret to conquer the world lies in you. You have that secret to conquer your fears and weaknesses. You have the secret to conquer your world. You do not have to go on searching for a secret because you are the secret.”

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“Mi piace vedere l’essere umano come un universo in cui ci sono tanti pianeti che interagiscono attivamente e passivamente così come l’essere umano deve relazionarsi positivamente o deve curarsi quando le interazioni non sono molto positive”